About Microtraction

Microtraction is an early-stage venture capital firm that invests in African startups at the pre-seed stage. We prefer to be the first check for Africa's most ambitious and remarkable founders, investing $100,000 for 7% in their businesses.

We are sector agnostic and heavily biased towards smart, relentlessly resourceful founders who are building high growth, technology driven businesses in billion dollar markets.

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The Microtraction Team

Who We Are

Microtraction was started in 2017 by Yele Bademosi and Kwamena Afful to bridge the funding gap by providing early financial support and mentorship for entrepreneurs.

The first fund (Fund I) was a proof of concept where the team invested and backed young founders during a time when no other funds were writing checks to young entrepreneurs starting companies.

Microtraction’s Community Fund (Fund II) is focused on providing a community of champions to support its portfolio companies in growing their businesses. This community is a mix of other venture-backed founders solving similar problems worldwide, leading investors, GPs and LPs with subject matter expertise in different sectors and who are backing similar companies all over the world.

We evolve with the times, and this is evident from the growth of our funds theses, alongside market realities. We do not only write a check, we ensure that founders within our portfolio have the best possible support and backing from a global team to realise their ambitious outcomes.

What makes Microtraction different?


We are a team of founders and operators, each sharing the mindset of an entrepreneur


Our startups have a direct line to capital to scale from Seed to Series A and beyond


Our investors are a diverse group with decades of experience across multiple sectors


Our network gives access to individuals and companies that would otherwise be hard to reach

Our Why

“Founder Love” is our North Star Metric. By this, we mean we look for all ways possible to show we are committed to the founders’ journeys and we are ready to stick with you through the ups and downs.

1. Founders can apply for investment at anytime, all year round without an introduction

2. We are one of the oldest and longest running venture capital funds in Africa, and at our core, we are a Founder’s Fund given that all our Partners have built or are currently building companies. As a result, we understand the founders’ journey and aim to be as supportive a partner as we’d like if we were in the founder’s position.

3. Our LPs are other Venture Capitalists and angel investors on the look out for great startups started by African founders

4. We help you build a strategy towards raising your Seed round, and provide a playbook to do that in 12-18 months, provided the company meets certain metrics. This is one of our most desired targets for our portfolio companies.