At Microtraction, we aim to be the first check to Africa's most ambitious founders, investing $100,000 for 7% in their businesses within 4-6 weeks from first engagement.

We also give our founders an option for a “quick top-up” of up to $350,000, as long as we are not more than 25% of the company’s next official fundraising round.

We are sector agnostic and heavily biased towards smart, relentlessly resourceful founders who are building high growth, technology driven businesses in billion dollar markets.

Our Stats


So far, we have invested in a total number of 60 Companies


Our companies have raised a total sum of over $100m


Our companies have a combined valuation of over $700m


Our companies are spread across and based in 8 different countries


82% of our companies have raised post Microtraction investment


37% of our the companies funded in 2022 are female-founded


In 2022, we Invested in a total Number of 20 companies

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